Getting to know the Drones

The true stars of the Missouri Drone Journalism Program are the drones themselves, or the J-Bots, as the students pioneering the project have come to call them. Working with these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is made possible through a partnership with the MU Information Technology Program, in which under the direction of IT Program lead Matthew … Read more

MDJ Starter Kit: The Decision Generator

Welcome to the Missouri Drone Journalism Start-up Kit! This kit is designed to aid businesses considering implementing drone piloting into their business practices. Although this kit is primarily for newsrooms, the information presented in the kit’s various sections can be applied to any commercial drone usage. Let’s get started! Meet the Decision Generator, a simple … Read more

Drone Starter Kit

Your news outlet has purchased a drone. Now it’s time to cover news, get some aerial imagery, rock the skies with SkyNewsWatch6. But … there’s a bunch of other stuff that goes into deploying a drone for news operations. We’re not talking fun things like buying filters for the drone’s camera or LumeCubes to do … Read more

What Flies When it Comes to Drone Laws Across the Globe

As debate over drones in combat reaches a tipping point in the United States, the use of unmanned flying bots on domestic ground is also starting to pick up steam. As many as 28 states are considering legislation that would outlaw unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Another contentious issue in the U.S. is what makes … Read more