Drone Starter Kit

Your news outlet has purchased a drone. Now it’s time to cover news, get some aerial imagery, rock the skies with SkyNewsWatch6. But … there’s a bunch of other stuff that goes into deploying a drone for news operations. We’re not talking fun things like buying filters for the drone’s camera or LumeCubes to do light painting. We’re talking boring things. Like insurance. Or coming up with a consistent set of rules for when — and when not to — fly the drone. There’s a lot of information out there. And quite frankly, a lot of BS to cut through. Enter the Missouri Drone Journalism Toolkit)

Three Missouri School of Journalism students (Marlee Baldridge, Travis Meier and Jordan Smith) spent the last semester creating this toolkit to try and answer many of the issues common to newsrooms.

They’ve built six modules to guide you along the way:

The business decision to buy a drone

Regulations and drones

Flight logs


Risks and accidents

The Decision Generator

We hope you find them useful.


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